Smart Health:

Effective and affordable health care is becoming increasingly important. Age expectancy is rising and at the same time the number of chronic diseases is increasing. Today’s innovative technologies make it possible to intelligently and efficiently network health care after the concepts of Smart Health.

Smart Health helps to avoid double examinations, improves the treatment of the patient through rapid diagnosis and therapy and ensures that medical information is available at the right time. Discover the benefits of a networked health infrastructure!

Smart Home:

Intelligent home networking: until recently a utopia, now a reality! Today, modern technologies connect home systems that until recently operated independently of each other. Whether the refrigerator, heating or window blinds: with “Smart Home” technologies devices communicate and regulate themselves in a centralized, intelligent manner.

The interactive “Smart Home” by ZVEI focuses the interaction of available technologies and devices and demonstrates how home living can be designed to be more energy efficient, comfortable and secure. Discover the possibilities of intelligent home networking!

Smart Grid:

Energy supply presents us with major challenges: the increasing share of renewable energies has already brought the power grid to its limits. Whether it's solar installations on homes, wind turbines on farms - energy production is increasingly decentralized. Grids have not yet developed to handle these new challenges.

The integration of large amounts of electricity from renewable energy sources requires innovative solutions: intelligent power grids, so-called Smart Grids, in which all actors in the electricity market are connected so the production, storage and consumption of electricity can be optimally controlled. Discover the possibilities of Smart Grids.