Home automation, entertainment and consumer electronics: what once operated parallel, home networking joins together. That and a unified system control are a requirement for improved energy efficiency, a healthy environment, comfort and security in an apartment or house. Two examples:

Within a “Smart Home” sensors oversee if the windows are opened or closed and report this information to the heating system. If the windows are open for airing then the heat to the heating units is stopped or reduced in order to save energy.

Intelligent power meters (Smart Meters) constantly report the current energy usage, thereby controlling consumption and identifying areas of energy inefficiency. Also when travelling, one can check if the energy usage has been appropriately reduced while away. If this is not the case, then the devices can be controlled or shut down by use of a mobile telephone.

Thanks to innovative transmission technology – for example via satellite, antenna or cable – home networking will be possible. You can discover the further advantages of “Smart Home” technologies in the individual home areas of your choice: examples of usage show how the network functions in daily use and what your benefits are.

Energy efficiency:

Intelligent technologies and networked components help to provide efficient household energy usage. Through the interconnection of lighting, heating, solar devices, shades and windows, various room requirements can be individualized to conform to the time of day, and if desired, either controlled automatically through sensors which recognize your presence in the rooms or through a smartphone. This reduces energy costs and raises living comfort.

A large energy and savings potential is offered by the visualization of energy consumption through the help of an intelligent power meter - the Smart Meter. This device reports real- time energy use and stores the consumption figures. This creates transparency in helping to better judge needs.

Through choosing the rooms, discover which currently available technologies can reduce the energy needs of your apartment or house.


Demographic developments show that the percentage of people over 65 in Germany is rapidly increasing. The private apartment or private house will, therefore, play an increasingly important role in health care. Under the name of “Ambient Assisted Living” (AAL), technical support systems are combined to help people live longer and independently in their accustomed surroundings. Additionally, new medical services provide continued care at home - by telemedicine for example.

Modern blood pressure devices, sensor mats or emergency paging systems: within a “Smart Home” numerous connected devices provide a clear improvement in comfort and security. You can discover more in the individual rooms.

Comfort and Entertainment:

Home networking is not an end in itself but serves numerous ways to increase living comfort. As an example: while away it is possible to control the temperature in individual rooms by mobile telephone. Apartments and houses, uncomfortably cold after a longer absence, are now a thing of the past.

In the home itself, permanently installed or mobile controls allow many components to be operated both centrally and comfortably. With one look while in the bedroom, one can even tell if all windows and doors are closed and all the lights are off in the other rooms.

The control of lighting is another component of home comfort: whether while reading, watching TV, working or relaxing – for every activity, there are individually defined lighting programs at your disposal. A push of a button creates the appropriate atmosphere. Sensors also recognize if someone is in the room and if the correct light source should be turned on or off.


The private four walls are an important retreat. Feeling secure at home is an important aspect of quality of life. The interaction of networking elements within the apartment or house significantly raises security. Sensors on doors and windows register if they are closed and report unauthorized openings. Smoke detectors emit an immediate alarm in case of fire. Provided you are connected to an emergency system, the fire department also receives a signal to come to your assistance as quickly as possible.

Burglaries most often occur when it seems no one is at home, making it important to signal a presence. Here, modern systems intermittently turn lights on and off, or raise blinds during the day and close them at night.

You will find more details about intelligent security systems in the individual rooms.


Electromobility is considered as a key technology of the 21st Century. An increasing number of car manufacturers have been offering e-mobility. The Federal Government of Germany aims towards electromobility as well. By 2020 there should be at least one million electric vehicles underway on German streets.

Electromobility is, however, more than simply an electric engine in an auto. It will first be truly attractive in symbiosis with an intelligent energy infrastructure (Smart Grid). Batteries for electric vehicles can act as energy reservoirs that tap the expanding choice of fluctuating energy sources - such as the wind and solar energy - or the networked house with its own solar re-charging station.